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What is the purpose of learning? What are the purpose of grades?


Blogger Quinlan M said...

The purpose of learning is to remember things for when you go out into the "real" world.Like math, most jobs you do need math so when you get your first job you will probably need to remember math to do your job efficiently.

The purpose of grades is to see how well you're doing learning.So if you're not doing well you can go see the teacher for extra help. They are also important for the teacher to know how well or bad you're doing in class.

4:02 PM  
Blogger Bri R said...

The purpose of learning...well as humans we are constantly learning whether we like it or not, whether it's learning your new friend's name, or learning how to feed your baby brother. It's all to prepare us for the future and the "real world." Most everything we learn through-out our life and school we use eventually in the future. It's all to benefit us.

The purpose of grades is to see your progress in the class and your improvement. How well you are learning in the class and your participation. Unfortunatly sometimes students do not apply themselves, which causes grades to drop. It doesn't however reflect what kind of person you are.

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Blogger Courtney W. said...

The purpose of learning is to expand the mind. We all learn every day. Whether it be the square root of 225, or learning our new next door neighbor's name, we all learn. All of the things that we learn now will somehow be applyed in the near future. We store all this knoweldge, and then sooner or later, somebody's going to mention it, and we'll know what they are talking about. We carry all our knowledge with us wherever we go.
The purpose of grades are to see how well we know about a subject, and how well we apply it. Some students really apply a subject, others do not. If a student doesn't understand it, it is likely their grades will reflect that, as well as will it do if they understand it.

5:05 PM  
Blogger Trent W said...

The purpose of leanring matters in everything anymore. People should be thankful that they learn and go to college to get a high paying job. That's the main purpose--what jobs can you do that don't involve some sort of experience? All of them need some knowledge.

5:42 PM  
Blogger Ashleigh H. said...

The purpose of learning is because knowlage is power. When you go through life, it's all about what you learned. If you never learned how to read or write you would never be able to have a good job and go somewhere with it.
The purpose of grades is to see how far you've gone with learning. if you're failing math and there were no such thing as grades, you couldn't ever get help. Learning and grades are huge parts of your life and without them i don't think that anyone would be the same.

6:33 PM  
Blogger Brett-R said...

The purpose of learning, as Quinlan stated before me, is to be able to go out into the real world someday. Elementary School goes to middle school, which goes to high school and then that onto college. All throughout our academic careers, we have a vague idea of what we want to grow up to be, and school learning gets us to our goal.
Grades are very important because they show how quality students are. Good grades will lead to better things, which in turn will lead to better careers.

7:12 PM  
Blogger Abby E. said...

The purpose of learning is to prepare you for times when you need the knowledge. Many jobs require you to have a background in certain fields. The more we learn, the more it is equipting us to make good decisions.

The purpose of grades is to test what you are learning. Grades reflect your knowledge on the subject.

7:15 PM  
Blogger Abby S said...

The purpose of learning is to stretch your imagination and create new ideas and inventions. I think that learning is one way to open a door to another part of your world. If you don't learn anything you won't go anywhere.
The purpose of grades are to test your learning abilities and help you get better at what your having trouble with. If we didn't have grades there would be no pupose in learning because you wouldn't have to push yourself therefore you wouldn't learn.

7:39 PM  
Blogger Michael R said...

I think the purpose of learning is so that when you finish school then you can be prepared for what jobs will face you.
The importance of grades is so that you know how you are doing. Grades are just a way of telling you how well you are doing and how well you are learning

7:45 PM  
Blogger ashlie t. said...

The purpose of learning is sort of complex,or maybe its really simple...actually,I think it's both.People learn becuase they want to go farther in life, they want to get rich,get married,thrive,live.You can't do any of these things without knowledge.
I think grades are really important becuase they show you how hard you are working,and compares you to how hard others are working and how hard your teachers think you should be working.That does work the other way though,I think that being constantly compared can be really upsetting to people.

8:21 PM  
Blogger casey o said...

The purpose of learning is to learn what you are going to be need to be successful at your job and life in the future. You have to remember everything throughout school so that you can get into college and have a good job. Depending on what job you are wanting in the future, tells you what you might want to focus the most on in school, but over all you will need everything especially math.

The purpose of grades are to tell the teacher and your parents if you are learning what is being taught to you. All schools and jobs, especially colleges look at your grades and decide whether you get in or not, it all matters and each individual should try to succeed at all things in life and school.

8:23 PM  
Blogger TiffanyV said...

Learning is to acquire knowledge which will help you for the future or the real world as people have been saying. Learning is a constant experience we carry out everyday which benefits us in everyway. Learning is not only to get a successful job but to live a good life. No one stops learning; the old and young alike learn everyday. Even with just simple things like learning a persons name or a big thing like learning how to read.
Grades are a tool to see how you are progressing in school. It helps the teacher and yourself to see if you need help or if the teacher needs to teach the class better. Grades help you improve and have a successful school year.

8:26 PM  
Blogger Chelsea S said...

The purpose of learning is to have an education all your life so you can apply it to when you go into the "real world". The purpose of grades is to show how much you learned and how well you learned it.

8:37 PM  
Blogger NickZ said...

We all need learning. There is not one way in witch we can not benefit from learning. To really get anywhere in this life knowledge is every thing. If we don’t go to collage or if we drop out there are less job opportunities and less pay. The term “knowledge is power” is in a way true. When one person knows more about a particular subject that person manly has more power than the other does.

During our twelve years of education we get grades on all completed work. These grades are determined on how well our work is. If it is done poorly we get a lower grades. Usually by getting a low grade will determine us to work harder. But know a days that motivation isn’t as strong as it used to be. But each of us has the same ability to do as good as the over achievers.

8:50 PM  
Blogger Amy w. said...

The purpose learning i think is to prepare us for all the oppertunities in the world like while you think the algerbra your learning in math isnt something you need, who knows you could in the future also in the world we live knowledge is a great thing to have it sets us up for life.

We have grades because its a way to see where we are in our learning. To see if we apply yourself like we should.

9:06 PM  
Blogger mitch w said...

I believe that the purpose of learning is to let our lives move forward and not back. Weather we like it or not we learn all the time. This process of constantly learning makes us better people. It improves our common sense and our ability to comprehend today’s world. I believe grades are important because they push us to strive to do our best. This causes us to do our best so that we can obtain the privileges given to you by your parents. I also think grades are important because they give us goals. In life you cannot get anywhere without goals.

9:11 PM  
Blogger matt m. said...

The purpose of learning is to develop your full potential. the more we increase our knowledge, the more we increase our oppurotunities in life.

Grades are a way to measure how well you are doing in school and can show yourself and others how well you are doing.

9:15 PM  
Blogger La-Rue A. said...

The purpose of learning is to know how to solve basic to general things in order to prepare for what is out there. Learning is an esential path to handle what we must all face one day.

The purpose of grades is to teach addalesences responsibility. If they do not meet a standard level of responsibility then they cannot be advanced to higher levels of responsibility

9:20 PM  
Blogger Rachel S. said...

The purpose of learning is so that we can achieve great things. You don’t learn just for school and to get good grades but you learn for your life. When you learn you discover new things about other people, religion, places, foods, and ideas. All of these things give you a great appreciation for the World that God created.
The purpose of getting good grades is so that you can go onto a better college and from there get a good job that you love and that job will be worth all of the studying and homework throughout your school years.

9:40 PM  
Blogger Brandon K said...

Learning=knowledge which=power which=possibilities. (which=a more complicated english equation) The more you know, the more possibilities are open to you. With people in jobs such as computer software designer etc. making as much as 195,000 a year, you gotta be smart for stuff like that. or there's the circus to be considered, illegal vendor in battery park, NYC, shoe shiner, the guy in the pizza costume outside of nicolos, cicis and pizza hut, a fast food manager, factory worker, juicer, juggler, bad stand up comic, poet, or physical education teacher.
Grades are Mui Importante ('cuz you know im loco) because without being graded, it wouldn't matter how well we (the students) did on a paper or assignment, so it wouldn't matter wether or not we did the paper or assignment, or wether or not you (the teacher) assigned the paper/assignment, so it wouldn't matter if you showed up at all, so it wouldn't matter if we showed up at all, so it wouldn't matter if we were even sent to school so it wouldn't matter if we had jobs at all (becuase no one could count the money because they didn't go to school) so it wouldn't matter if we never left our homes, and there would be nothing to do because no one would have had any reason to go to school to learn how to make video games or tv or board games or skateboards or couches or houses or computers or sinks or pots or pans or paper or chairs or couches or stairs or carpet or teenage mutant ninja turtles or kleenex or coffee or soap or letters or diction or music or lights or pencils or ketchup. (that doesn't include mustard because no one likes mustard so the world wouldn't really change on the mustard front.) in the end, it would be like pressing the button labeled "do not press: self destruct" on the spaceship of humanity. Cool huh?

9:42 PM  
Blogger Brandon K said...

that was really long sorry Mrs Comp dont de-grade me hahahahahhaahahhahahahhhahhahahahahahhahahaha just messin

but seriously, please dont

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Blogger addie s said...

The purpose of learning is to expand your mind. When we learn it enlarges our thinking capacity allowing us to do more things. Learning helps us get through life, if we didn't learn something no, or anything at all we would not be where we are today.

Grades feed off of learning. They show us our learning ability and how much we have progressed or how much work we need. Grades help us focus on what needs to be done with our learning techniques. Without grades we would have no idea where to start improving.

9:49 PM  
Blogger jake w said...

The purpose of learning is that you cannot go through life and be successful without knowledge. You must understand what is going on to achieve in this world. The purpose of grades is to help you in your studies, it shows you how your progress and work is doing, and tells you if you need to work harder or get help.

7:26 PM  
Blogger Kiersten P said...

Learning is a continual growth process. Without educations our country could not be as we know it. Learning is essential because it eventually determine what kind of person we will grow to become. Just like building blocks we start with a base. (our education) The less knowledge we have about life, the weaker our building becomes. If anyone strives for their absolute best and thrives from a good education, their base of their building is going to be strong and sturdy which will in time lead to a huge skyscraper. The possibilities are endless as long as we set our minds to them and it all starts with an education.
As far as grades go, i believe they are just there to let us know how hard we are pushing ourselves as individuals. It is lik a continuous reminder to let us know where we stand and where we can go in life.

9:29 PM  
Blogger Stevie W. said...

The purpouse of learning is to be succesful in life.Such as gettin a good career,learning how to balance your money so you don't go bankrupt the first pay-check of that career.Also so u can do what u really love(career wise)!!!

The purpouse of grades is so you can see how well you atre doing in the classes you are taking.If you couldn't see how you are doing in your classes than you can't tell what you know and don't know.

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Blogger Stevie W. said...


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Blogger Stevie W. said...

The purpouse of learning is you can get into a good collage and get a good career,you also need to know how to ballance your money so u don't go bankrupt right after you get your first pay-check!!

The purpouse of grades are so you can see how you are doing in your classes.If you couldn't see how you are doin thanyou couldn't know what you know or don't know in school.

4:36 PM  
Blogger lauren c said...

The purpous of learning is to have an education. If you dont learn then you wont go anywere in life. Grades are important to keep stable. An education and good grades will definetly take you places. :]

8:34 PM  

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