Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Grading Tests Reflection

Today, in class, you all diligently graded your tests in groups, collaborating on the correct answers and discussing any discrepancies. Please reflect upon the process; you must respond to the question and ALSO respond to one other person's comment for full credit.

By grading collaboratively-What did it teach you? What did you take away? Was this a good measure of your learning and effort? Do you believe your group was honest and forthcoming in giving, or not giving, credit to individuals? Were there any problems?


Blogger jake w said...

When we graded our groups tests in class today, our group had the process of reviewing each question and having every member in our group tell what they got as an answer, and then we discussed all our answers and came to the solution.

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2:51 PM  
Blogger Ashleigh H. said...

When we graded our tests today, my group did the grading one at a time. We looked over the answer and confronted the group about weather we should give them credit or not. I was in Jake's group and one thing that i think we had a problem with was staying focused. We all got the grading done but some of the time we talked about other things. I thought my group was honest in giving credit and not giving credit because we all looked carefully at what the group said.

3:27 PM  
Blogger Courtney W. said...

My group today had a very different way of grading. We would go over every topic, like metaphor, and then we would go around and say how many points we would give to that particular person. Most of the time we didn't agree on how many points to give, so whoever was the only one who wanted to give that person a different amount of points than the rest of us did, would be outnumbered. I guess it was more of a voting process. On the topics we didn't agree on, we would discuss it. Like Jake and Ashleigh said, we sometimes had trouble staying focused, and we would have to bring the focus back to the task at hand. The only problem that we had was the problem of agreeing with each other. I think that this process was a good way for us to be critiqed by classmates, and hear their opinions on the matter. I believe that our group was very honest at giving credit to the other members, because we had very deep discussions about every topic.

4:32 PM  
Blogger Ian H said...

My group went from catagory to catagory and stated our answers. If the group didn't agree with their answer, we counted it wrong.

4:52 PM  
Blogger Rachel S. said...

Today in my group we went around in our circle and shared what the other person wrote and then agreed or disagreed with what they wrote. This taught me about some other ways people look at things and I got to disagree with things and tell why I did disagree. I think my group was honest and forthcoming at the beginning but by the end they were a little distracted just like Jake and Ashley said; so, it was hard to focus myself and I felt like we didn't discuss the end as well as we did at the beginning. I disagree with Ian because they just marked their papers wrong if they didn’t agree but I think they should have talked about it more rather that just marking it wrong right away.

5:40 PM  
Blogger KYLES said...

Today in class we graded our tests on the short storie "The Sniper". We got into groups and traded papers and then disscused the answers, (I probably argued for my answers the most). A big problem (like everyone else is saying) is that it was really loud so we kept back tracking and losing our train of thought becuase people were acting stupid. This was an iteresting expeirience, but I probably wouldn't want to do it again. ever.

6:05 PM  
Blogger Bri R said...

When we graded our tests in groups today, my group got in a little circle and started going over each of our answers. If some one in the group disageed with another person's answer, they would explain the way they saw the situation and we would eventually come to a conclusion. This showed me about how most people don't realize other people have different perpectives and opinions. It showed me how naive some people can be, including myself. I agree with Ashley and Rachel, I think my group was honest and on-task more at the beginning, but by the end of the discussion they were a little distracted. It was hard to focus. just like Rachel, I disagree with Ian because they just marked their papers wrong if they didn’t agree, but the should've discussed more about their separate answers and explained why they diagreed.

6:18 PM  
Blogger Stevie W. said...

It taught me not to rely on teachers to check my work,it also helped because the group was there to discuss the answers if u didn't know why u got it wrong.I do believe ny group was truthful because the would help u even if I got the same answer wrong they did,and vise-versa(sp).There where no problems.

6:46 PM  
Blogger mitch w said...

In our group we went around to each person’s paper and they said what the quote was and if they thought it was right or wrong. Then we went around to each other person to see if they agreed or disagreed. I believe this was a very honest way of grading. I learned that grading from your peers is much harder than grading with a teacher. For example to a teacher a question is either wrong or right but to a peer you have the opportunity to argue your case to them. Like Courtney said I believe that we had trouble staying on task. Many times we went on a question even though the person talking was not done.

6:49 PM  
Blogger Brett-R said...

The grading system used today taught me how others read. It may have taken away private thoughts, but at no negative expense. This was not a great representation of my effort because I have friends which may have caused me to make a few bias opinions. Our group seemed to be as honest and fair as humanly possible. We did not come across any problems along the way. I think that what Jake W said about the group discussion helped our group tremendously. This helped us have more varied opinions.

7:18 PM  
Blogger casey o said...

I don’t really care for grading papers in groups like we did. We went question by question, each person read the answer that they had in front of them and we all decided if they got it right or not. I think that it would have been better if we got to hang on to our own paper because we agreed that someone got it right and they still marked it wrong. This taught me to be honest about grading and that everybody has a reason for what they say. I agree with Courtney and that our group did not agree on how many points to give, and that it was more of a voting process. This assignment took away the right to do it yourself; it would have been fine to be in groups just if we could keep our papers. Our group would vote on how many points to give the person and the outnumbered one would still mark there paper wrong. I believe that was not a good learning because people were still not honest about there work.

7:28 PM  
Blogger TiffanyV said...

I was in Jake, Ashleigh, Ian, and Brett's group. When we graded our test we looked over it all together but not grading our own paper. When we thought something was wrong we discussed if the answer was right or wrong. If we though our answer was right we justified it if it was right or somebody told us what we did wrong. I think we had a pretty good group grading. I though my group collaborated well and we took an effort into the group .I agree with Ashleigh we did kind of get unfocused at times but we were still working hard and honest at the same time. I also agree with Brett, the group discussion helped our group tremendously and helped us have more varied opinions.

7:39 PM  
Blogger Amy w. said...

While grading the test in our group i found it helped out in the sense that we got to experence how to look at questions in different ways and how we each had to work together to find the wiether the answer was correct or not. I think this was of grade is unique and helps up relize how to maybe state answers in a better was by hearing different examples. Our group seemed to have trouble staying foucused like ashleigh said, so that kind of made everything confuseing. It was also confuseing when we all had different answers we didnt do a good job of collaberating to find which ones were the best.

8:16 PM  
Blogger Davidisman said...

In my group we got to a question and read everybody's answer out loud. Then we debated if the answer was worth the full amount of points. If one person disagreed on a answer than we would have everybody's opinions on it. This tought other ways people looked at things. I thought this worked very well because we got to debate on the answers. My group was honest. We either got the answer wrong or write. We didnt give any answers away or anything. There wasn't much problems except for that it took us awile to find out if the answer was right or wrong and we debated for awile. I disagree with what Ian said because that is not fair for the person who the group is grading. They need to ask the teacher or someone else to find the correct answer.

8:55 PM  
Blogger Trent W said...

As we graded our reading tests, our group just swicthed papers, judging they had papers. Then we shared what the other person had wrote for each questions taking turns, and discussed the answers but individually using good judgement to take off or give points to each other.

8:58 PM  
Blogger Kiersten P said...

just like bri had stated, our group got into a circle with our desks and went over each answer brielfy checking to see if we had a good understanding and had evidence to back up what we were thinking. I didnt really say that i preffered grading a test this way but it was a good experience to find out how there could be more than one possible answer. It was also fun listening to everyone argue at the table. Im not a fan of fighting but i liked the loose little environment we had going on within our groups dispute about our tests. Everybody seemed to have answers that varied but i really thought it was neat how we could take that much out of a story.

8:58 PM  
Blogger Abby E. said...

I thought the way we graded our tests today in class was interesting. My group did fairly well with concentrating on what we were talking about; we didn't lose focus or get side-tracked to often. The process we checked the test in was going over each question one by one and then talking about each others answers. I thought it was a good way to interact with the stuff we are learning about because we could defend ourselves and explain our answer while listening to others answers and learning more about the question. I agree with Mitch in that it is much harder to grade with peers than just having a teacher grade the tests. We get too distracted and argue too much about our answers.

9:57 PM  
Blogger lauren c said...

When we graded our tests, we would read our answer and ask our group if we agreed on giving the person full credit or not. I thought it was a good way to grade.

10:03 PM  
Blogger matt m. said...

We all had a pretty good system going. We were honest, and comfortable about grading and giving answers, and there really seemed to be no problem. Like Courtney said, we seemed to have good discussions about anything we had questions on. Overall it was a good group discussion and grading process.

10:26 PM  
Blogger Brandon K said...

In my group, grading each other's tests was a little bit difficult. Problem number one was that i coulnt read handwriting, so taht was a little bit of a pain. Then, each of us had varying answers so we all had something to say. But the weird thing was, none of us said much except, "yeah, that sounds alright." or "OK, i'll give you one and 3/4 of a point cuz that's kind of right, but not fully." I think the students had a lot more leniency with the points and grading them.
Mitch is on a roll, because im the fourth person to agree with what he said. But it is true that the students gave a point here and there, as opposed to severely grading with a vengeance.

6:43 PM  
Blogger Chelsea S said...

I believe my group was honest because we shared everyone's anwsers and then talked about them and whether they were wrong or not. We had some problems but we sorted them out. I think instead of doing small groups we do the class as a whole so everyone can be involved and share what they think. So anyone could say "oh I didn't think of it that way!"

8:39 PM  
Blogger La-Rue A. said...

In our group it takes time to decide where we have to go then once we do. The first thing to come out of someone's mouth is "what are we supposed to do." We were honest and set standards for what was right and wrong. As trent has stated earlier we dicided as a group what was fair and accurate. Our group tries to buzz through things to talk out of topic before we're actually done.

9:38 PM  
Blogger Justin J. said...

As a group..we did a prety good job, not gonna lie. As we went through the grading, we discussed everyones topics or answers and questions and made sure everything was satisfying to the group.

8:06 PM  

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