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Growing Up

Please respond to both questions: Why do you think growing up, as a teenager, this day and age, can be so difficult or such challenge? What is the one thing you wish for, (seriously), during this time in your life?


Blogger Bri R said...

Growing up in this society has experience, so far, and now that I am a teenager, with a slightly higher thought processing ability, I have been noticing some specific stereotypes that we, as teenagers, are labeled. There are so many stereotypes for teenagers in this world. Examples would be that we do not appreciate what others do for us, that we will not amount to anything. We will destroy the world we will inherit, that we are boozing stoners who do not care about anything but one more hit or shot. We are all selfish, uncaring, stupid, and illogical. I have been told that my generation lacks respect, honor, and dignity.

Although some teenagers have not exactly helped with those stereotypes, but it is not every one of us. Most of us actually have a plan for our future, and we want to benefit the world. We are not all bad kids; all we want is for the rest of the world to realize that. I will live up to my potential and nothing will stop me. No matter how many people say that "Generation X" will create an Apocalypse, I believe that we will be better than the generations before us. We will find the cure for cancer, start a living colony on Mars, take technology father than anyone else, stop global warming, and more. I know all those things might sound somewhat ridiculous, but I believe we can do it, and I cannot wait until I see those things happen.

The one thing I wish for during this time in my life is for people to stop stereotyping my generation and for my generation to stop stereotyping each other. That would make the goals for the future a much easier feat.

5:57 PM  
Blogger Ashleigh H. said...

As a teenager, growing up is a very big challange because we all try to fit in so much. I know that I do it but it just makes life worse than it has to be. Bri brought up the issue with stereotypes. This is a major issue with teens and once again, trying to fit in. If someone was known as an outcast or had a lot of rumors spread about them then it's possible that they wouldn't have very many friends. Friends make the world go round, in my case. Living without friends to gossip with or talk to when you need someone is like not living at all. Stereoytyping happends everyday. A normal kid will walk by and then someone will take a quick glance at them and perhaps say/think, "Wow, poor kid" or, "Goth" or, "prep". The list keeps going for how teeagers stereotype eachother and not getting to know eachother first.

Adults stereotpe eachother. As I was getting online today, there was a little article about Britany Spears. I don't like her but that is another reason why stereotyping is so increadible. Adults do it everyday to eachother and to teenagers. I'm sure that nobody actually knows Britany Spears and how she feels about loosing her husband or feonce or whatever he is to her. Adults maintain their goals but they also set them for teenagers. Adults don't let kids be kids most of the time and don't let them do the things that they would like. I know some adults who meet me think that I'm perfect. I have good grades, I don't dress up in all black and cake my eyes with black eyeliner. If the same people met some kids that go to my school, they wouldn't even give them the light of day.

One thing that I truely wish for during this time of my life is to have everybody understand everybody. To not look at one person and think aomething of them even if they don't know diddly-squat about them or their life.

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Blogger nickz said...

In this day growing up has been a tough time. As a teenager we are constantly struggling on how to fit in. We also have a lot more obstacles today that about twenty years ago. Such as the fact that over 50% of parents are divorced, impacting children severely. There are also many more dangerous drugs than before. Peer pressure has gotten many teenagers in trouble with the law and their parents.

As Bri mentioned stereo typing is a huge concern among us. Day after day people give others weird looks and shout out skater, goth, or emo.

5:34 PM  
Blogger Kiersten P said...

Growing up is what you make it. I personally don't understand why so many people consider "teenage years" times of drama and feeling lost. I'm always hearing about how teenage kids are confused and suicidal which makes them do stupid things like drugs ect. However it is the minority of teens like this that cause stereotypes among adults which lead them to believe that all teenagers hate life. I also think that it is the constant pressure in our society telling kids to look a certain way or listen to a certain type of music that lead them to struggles throughout their teenage years. Because we are under the influence of looking like girls in magazines or having the nicest things we are molded into something we aren’t. Also, because of the press and constant newsflashes about how someone famous did something extravagant we naturally feel guilty and feel the need to do the same.
So after typing this about six times trying to figure out what I would wish for, I have decided im going to rub a lamp and wish to be the next Tye Pennington girl edition with a pink construction worker hat. I’ve seen pink construction worker hats before at home depot, so don’t tell me there isn’t such a thing. Anyways, I don’t know if it’s because im addicted to Extreme House makeover or not but I wish to be the person who can change a family’s life. I want to be the person who is able to help someone in such an extreme way that a thank you couldn’t possible show enough gratitude. It really makes me sad to see a family or even community struggling and not being able to help themselves because of job issues, health issues, or even the war ect. If I could wish anything right now, I would wish to be the person who can make a difference in our negative world right now and help out in a big way.

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Blogger Davidisman said...

I think it is difficult for teenagers growing up because they have to deal with harder situations. School is a lot harder than before. You have to get good grades to get into college and if you mess up, there is a possibility that you won't make it to college.

One thing I wish for during this time of my life is to make good choices. If I wasn't so lazy, I would do my homework or study for a test coming up. Instead I have to cram all of my studying in to the last day.

11:24 AM  
Blogger jake w said...

Growing up....well, there is alot that heppens in a teenagers life as they get older. They mature, they grow both mentaly and physically. It is very difficult these days to feel good about youself sometimes. People are always trying to fit in and be cool, and most people dont realize it, but being yourself is the coolest thing out there. If I could have one thing during this part of my life, it would be for everyone to accept evryone else and not judge them so harshly before getting to know them.

1:02 PM  
Blogger Abby S. said...

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Blogger Courtney W. said...

This day in age, we teenagers classify each other into different categories based on looks. Goth, prep, jock, cheerleader, skater, emo, and the list could go on and on. In the world today, there are so many stereotypes by celebrities and others around us that we don’t know what to do. We all want to fit in, be in shape, and look the trendiest. Teenagers, myself included, care so much about what we look like and not a lot about what aspects of life really matter. For example, at school, if we are talking with our friends in the hallway, and a kid dressed in all black comes walking by with their music blaring from the headphones on their iPod, we all stop talking and stare at them. Out of that comes the usual callous remark, along with sniggers and laughter of our friends. Being teens, we are also faced with a ton of problems. Going through puberty, parents divorcing, bad grades, and numerous other events throw off the entire balance of our lives. For instance, one of my close friends had some problems a few months ago, and all the secrets and facts were placed on my shoulders. I helped them get through it, and it pretty much ended the friendship that I had with them. Its hard being a teenager and trying to fit in. the adults in our lives don’t give us much credit either. They are always complaining about us, saying how “back in their day, they didn’t have iPods, TV’s, computers,” blah blah blah. What would I wish for from this time in my life? I honestly haven’t given it much of a thought. Since I have to choose, I would say that I wish everyone could fit in without being labeled, and everyone would respect each other’s style choices, opinions, and whatever else about any other person that seems strange.

3:44 PM  
Blogger Abby S. said...

In this day and age, i think it is hard to grow up as a teenager because of the expctations. Your expected to go to school and get good grades, go to college, and be successful. I think that lots of people my age feel presured and stressed. Sometimes life at home isn't so easy for the teen also. I think that the pressure these kids are under mainly come from the parents. Some times its just to much and you want to get away so you don't do your work, start to get bad grades, and fall behind. Also its not just school pressure, but pressure to do drugs and drink are are always upon us. For some kids its hard to make the choice, the right choice. I also think it is harder for us to grow up because others look down on us. Parents, teachers, most elders either think or talk down to us. It feels like they don't want you to be right, that you can't be right because your just a kid. We get called dumb, dirty, and annoying either to our faces or behind our backs. Kids don't feel trusted, sometimes not even by our parents.

The one thing I wish for is to be considered not a kid but a person, becuase if your considered a dumb kid then it makes you feel lower and worse about yourself. When people look down on you, you feel intimidated, lost, hurt. If people would stop doing this then these things would go away and relieve some of the pressure placed upon our shoulders today.

3:51 PM  
Blogger Brandon K. said...

Growing up is a challenge because the world doesnt provide us with enough time for all the things it requests of us. Do a good job on your homework: 2 hours on a good day. Chores, cleaning, and other household expectations: 2 hours. School: 6 1/2 Hours daily. Morning preparations: (for girls) 1/2 hours minimum. Sleep: 8 hours nightly. Friends, Hanging out, Music, and Miscellanious Nothing: 6 Hours. All this adds up to over 26 hours worth of expectations with not enough time for us as teens to do it all.

Growing up is also hard because of the general addition of developing yourself as the person you are going to be for the rest of your life to the general and fabled 26 hour day. The developing of oneself can take not hours, not days, not even months, but years to create.

I wish for a way to create time in the day. To add hours so i could sleep longer, do a better job o my homework, hang out with my friends, do my chores, keep my room clean, and wake up later and keep it in one single day.

4:45 PM  
Blogger addie s said...

Growing up as a teenager in any day and age is difficult. Being a teenager is one of the most akward stages that someone can go through. Everyone is at that stage where they are just beginning to learn about themselves and learning what is expected of them.

Stereotypes influence a lot of our daily lives, we classify people by what they look like or how they act, but not by how they really are. If someone dresses in "preppy" clothes then they obviously must be rich, or if someone dresses "goth" they must hate life and not want to be a part of anything. The list goes on like that for ages, and no one realizes that people like to dress how they want and it doesn't classify them in any way. Being unique is one of the things that sets people apart from one another, having their own trends and being their own person that doesn't follow the crowd.

One thing that I wish for in this particular time of my life is for everyone to accept one another and not classify people by looks. Everyone is different and no one should be excluded from having friends and being accepted.

4:53 PM  
Blogger KYLES said...

Growing up in this day and this time in the age of our human culture is difficult because of how we hav adapted as a society. because of all of the advancments in medicine, food producton, and technology we hav placed an eenormous and unessascery amount of expectatioons on the younger generation. This is evident in the differances in how kids and their parents approach and handle technology. It's like when a parent tries to access their email and has trouble with it, and after fifteen minutes struggling, they ask their kids to help out they fix it in fifteen seconds. Then the so called "experts" say that the technology skills we have are equated to ALL of us being guiniesses (which we all know is not true). WWhich in turn give our parents the impression that we need to have a harder level of education and new challenges and responsibilities, my brother uses itunes like nobody's bussiness and he's only 10, my dad tries to use itunes and usually just ends up hitting the table and curses, He's 41. The true reality of it is that kids today just have more exposure to new things. Plain and simple.

The one thing I truly wish for is the ability to end my freshman year with an A average. That's all.

6:46 PM  
Blogger casey o said...

Growing up is more difficult now than it ever was in the past. I say this because of all the stereotyping. You have to fit in with the “cool” group. Unfortunately many people are picked on because of who there friends are, how they dress or look. They could be friends with the skater, emos, or geeks. It is sad to see people picked on but it happens to many people each day. You might hang with the nerds and people from the “cool” crowd don’t get it and pick on you. Back forty years ago there weren’t as many kids in schools and people just did not pick on each other as they do today. I wish that people would trust me. My family thinks that just because I am a teenager that I cant think or do things on my own. There is no trust in my life. I believe that all teenagers can be trusted if we just got the chance to prove ourselves.

6:51 PM  
Blogger Brett-R said...

Today, growing up can often be very difficult. It can be because of hormones, school, friends, or even money. Hormones make us all crazy for the opposite sex and make us do dumb things. School often stresses us out because we have to keep good grades. Friends are always changing and are the only way that some people can spend their own time. Money can own some. People always try to earn more so they can just spend it later. The main reason why growing up in this day and age is so hard, is that so many have the world on their shoulders and don't think hard enough to put it down.

Honestly, and cheesy to say, the one thing I wish for in life, is to know what the future holds for me. As in, I want to know who I will marry, how many kids will I have, and will I be successful. Those three things always make me think so hard about what my actions and feelings toward others should be.

7:01 PM  
Blogger Amy w. said...

I think there are a couple of things that make it difficult growing up this day in age. One because of all the pressure that is put on our generation to successed and do great things, people will alwyas compare what we do to the past because of our technolgy and discoveries. Some think that there are amazing things coming and there are the skeptics who think the way we are going will lead us to a bad nation.

Another thing is that it seems that we have more of a cliche and or stereotypical based culture then it used to be there are tabloids in magazines telling us what to where or who we should look like, even the people who try to go original arent original. We all rush to the mall to get the clothes everyone else has at places like hollister and Abercrombie. Everyone is so wrapped up in their own lifes a lot of people dont even know that there is a whole other world out there.

What do i wish? Well i guess like kiersten said i wish i could make a differance not just the small differance but more like saving the rainforest differance or the end of poverty in Africa. Something big i wanna do something great with my life.

7:58 PM  
Blogger Trent W said...

Growing up i never thought was hard, now it's actually a bit harder dispite you wouldn't think it, especially the way i do. I mean once you're a teen or even before for some people, you go though puberty and you begin to take interests in the opposite sex. Well i'm all sure we liked someone even before all this, but now you have the "real" interest of a sort of sensual desire. And because of this you don't just wait for them to come to you (though i have realized that works for me now)but you instead chase after them, and you wold like them to also see how handsome or beautiful you are depending on who's perspective. So you reall want to stay on top of thing like your apparence, most guys don't take long, but we still care of how we look in public especially in the sight of teenaged girls.

It's not only that but the need for pressure from other generations before us. Almost everybody is sterotyped as a punk when you are a teenager for the very few who actually show they don't give a care in the world about anything in public. And it usually depends upon the upbringing of other generations before hand like our parents, their way of treating you is your grandparents way, usually.
It's kinda funny how we are accused of this and that and stuff; yet there are these fully grown, even middle aged people who are still nieve or just plain stupid and tend to use force or unnecessary means of thing. While even little children and even ourselves take on some logical means, because we've been taught that. Sometimes the parents turn around and do exactly what they've instructed their children not to do. And Kids look up to this? That's where a good minority of us "teenagers" are or act like idiots. So from there we are sterotyped as all like that. So in society, as a teen most of us are looked down upon unless by your family, judging you do good in someone's eyes at least.

So pressure is forced upon us to act like a generation before us that as easily learned vaulable lessons that most don't take. Traditions are out of wack in a way, as being passed from one generation to the next, ever year new technolgy is developed, and we are the successors of it, but we are looked down upon, because we don't care on those "traditions."
That is what we'd like to change, the outlook on our future, from the eyes of elders, to them it's not looking good.

8:07 PM  
Blogger Aaron M. said...

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Blogger Aaron M. said...

Growing teenagers in today's society experience day to day challenges that make growing up hard. Teens today endure peer pressure, academic pressure, newly found responsibility, teenage stereo types, and many more. One thats been challenging for me and others I know, is teenage stereo typing. Today's society really views most teen's wrong. There are some that earn the lack of repsect and trust that most teens aren't getting. Like my friend Kyle, who all the time is dressed in black. He get's good grades, He's considerably active, and even cleans his room. When he goes into most stores adults working there assume hes up to no good and hes follwed and it's obviuos too. Even when he's with his mom. It goes to show how we as teen's aren't trusted.

One wish I've always had, and never changed my mind over. Is that kids, students, parents, anyone. Would just get to know eachother. And not judge a book by it's cover. Before just making assumptions, get a glimps of what whoever is. Don't think you know someone just because of what they look like, or what little you know about them.

10:17 PM  
Blogger Justin J. said...

Growing up for most people is a very diffidcult thing to get around, as we were talking today in class.(sorry i am slacking Mrs. comp!!) Not paying for the food you eat, paying very little for the things that u get and livning pretty!, is an awesome thing that i wouldnt want to give up. i mean, that seems like the life man! but hey as always said, weve gotta grow up sometimes in our life. Now, the thing that i wish for the most out of all things is to beable to see my future. i would really like to know where my life has taken my this far. One important reason why i would love to see my future is that if the future that i look into is lifeless, no good job to support my life, and a life that is full of regrets and mistakes....then i would love to go back into my time now and correct those mistakes and make to where i have no regrets. This is what i wish for.

5:32 PM  
Blogger Abby E. said...

The world is extremely judgmental and stereotypical. Teenagers are looked upon as immature, destructive, and irresponsible. We are not given the respect we deserve by adults. It is hard to amount to anything; whatever we do is just not good enough. There are certain teenagers that may fit in with the stereotype but i know that not all of us do. There are many of us that are very successful and making things happen in the world. Being a teenager is also difficult with the way we pressure each other. So many teens are faced with challenges each day. Friends and people encourage each other to take drugs, have sex, and drink. We are so worried about our appearance and how we fit in with the people around us that we are often hypocrites. My wish is that people can be themselves and still be seen as equal; this will not be easy. To make this wish come true, everyone has to try including adults.

9:12 PM  
Blogger TiffanyV said...

Growing up as a teenager has changed a lot from back then. Now a day there is peer pressure, and that can be difficult for a lot of teenagers.
The challenge is to be pretty, smart, and nice for girls. For the guys that have to be good at sports, handsome, and get a lot of girls. These are ideals that are coming from movies, posters, and magazines. Being a teenager is hard, and some parent can’t see that.
One thing that I wish most is trust from my family. Right now it has been hard for me to be trusted.
It hurts when one day everything can be just like normal and then it can change with a swing of a door. I am very close to my family and now it has all changed, just today actually, right when I come back from Oregon. Teenagers don’t care about trust from their parents but I do. Trust is a big one in my family, and I don’t know what to do now.

4:28 PM  
Blogger Chelsea S said...

I think that life for us,teenagers, and myself is hard because so much is expected of us and when we are asked something we don't know we get shunned upon. I think that since society is rapidly changing we are suposed to be caught up with it always. Our society has made us become more mature than we want to be. We are forced to make decitions that aren't all that easy. The one thing I wish for is to just be a kid and live life the fullest one step at a time.

7:08 PM  
Blogger l cavazos said...

Growing up at my age, in this hard, there is so much putting preasure on me. The media is probobly the hardest on me. Looking at Cosmopolitan, Entertainment Weekly, and others. The erdge to be 100 lbs., to be pretty, and have perfect skin. And on top of that being able to have friends, maintane friends, and keep my grades up.

Somthing i wish for right to stop all the preasure and people couldnt have thier heart broken this young. To have good grades, being on basketball, having a social life, spending time with my family is all really preasuring. Hvaing your heart broken is also somthing that is really hard, us teenage girls tend to fall, and fall hard for boys that they like, and once girls get that boy or the boy gives them a chance...they get attached. And when he leaves her they get crushed harder than anything.

5:31 PM  
Blogger Justin J. said...

At this time, it seems to me that i would most likely wish to see ahead to my future. This reason is because if i saw that i had a bad future i could come back to my life now and fix whatever made my future that way and if my future is great with no regrets then ill just keep doing what im doing now. This is what is important to me.

6:54 PM  
Blogger Justin J. said...

Oops..and the hardest part about growing up is living our days to live like we were dying.

7:03 PM  
Blogger Justin J. said...

These are the days that we all will matter who you are.

7:04 PM  

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